funny stories

ugly cars

Yesterday I was looking up me some cars. I wanted to find the coolest, most unique one. So I googled, “best car”, and you know what came up? Yes. The ugliest car I have seen in my life. Even the car my grandma has, the one she bought for $3, looked newer than this. EitherContinue reading “ugly cars”

hot chocol8te

hot chocol8te is delicious it’s kinda suspicious sometimes when im unambitious i drink some hot chocolate empty out my whole wallet “can i have some watchacallit?” “yes, you can have some hot chocolate” oh wow i can rhyme now

Hot Tea

Nothing like a cuppa hot tea. You have a bad cut? Drink some Hot Tea, and the would will heal. Head severed from neck? Hot tea is the thing you want to drink, if you can manage to consume it. Yatimae calls to her slave, the one her brothers call Mommy. “Want hot tea!” YatimaeContinue reading “Hot Tea”

work in progress

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