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SullyBully, 2020

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Irm the Feesh

Irm the Feesh gurgles as she airs the water plants. If the plants didn’t have air, they would die. Irm airs the last flower, and then puts the airing can back in the garden shed. She swims up the driveway to her house and opens the door. A blast of warm water hits Irm inContinue reading “Irm the Feesh”

Hawwy goes to the mall

Hawwy shrieks in frustration. These revolving doors are really getting on his nerve. He goes around the door once more, and then finally finds the entrance. Hawwy’s going to smash whoever invented the revolving door into a puddle of motor oil. The cold air blasts Hawwy in the face as he walks into the mall.Continue reading “Hawwy goes to the mall”

Meet Hawwy

Hawwy grunts as he lifts the roof of his house, a heavy flat rock. He wipes the drool from his mouth, and slithers out, falling onto the wet grass. Hawwy has been living out in the wilderness for almost a week, ever since he was convicted of several national felonies, like stealing from a SwissContinue reading “Meet Hawwy”

About Me

Hello! I’m SullyBully, a 15 y/o indie game developer and blogger.

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  • jacksonacademyashmore@gmail.com

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1208 Calle Azucena

Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico,


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